Welcome aboard!

PCQ Pilots provides smart software solutions for clinical research. The company is located in northern Germany. It is 100% privately held. Our clients are small and medium sized pharmaceutical, biomedical and medical device companies as well as CROs.

PCQ: Performance, Compliance, Quality

All our clients face a common major challenge: They are conducting complex trials that involve processing vast amounts of data. At the same time, they must ensure performance, compliance and quality. Coping with this challenge has become absolutely essential. In these very rough seas, our clinical trial management tools can become your own lighthouse beacon to keep your projects on course.

Symbiosis of software and clinical research

At PCQ Pilots we have successfully established a team of software specialists and experienced practitioners in the field of clinical research. Which is why we really understand the specific needs of our clients. Our software development processes value and incorporate expectations, knowledge and feedback of individual users.