Managing a CRO

As a CRO executive your business is to manage your sponsors’ trials according to the applicable regulatory requirements, which can be quite demanding. In addition you need to ensure efficiency, effectiveness and compliance throughout your company. CROMS, the CRO Management System by PCQ Pilots, makes managing your CRO much easier.

Tracking and improving business processes

CROMS is a highly flexible tool that allows you to track and improve business processes. It comprises:

  • Management of company documents with an audit trail (SOPs, forms etc.)
  • Smart forms that can be edited offline
  • Custom reporting tools for finances, quality, training etc.
  • Management of corrective and preventive actions (CAPA)
  • Interfaces for project-related tools (e.g. QCTMS) to avoid additional data entry

CROMS is especially designed for small and medium-sized CROs to offer the degree of flexibility a dynamic company needs. CROMS supports those essential processes pivotal to managing a smaller CRO rather than offering a full-featured ERP solution more suited to larger companies.

CROMS offers support for key processes in CROs

CROMS offers support for key processes in CROs

Example 1: Management of SOPs

Do you know which of your SOPs needs to be updated in the next 2 months? You will probably need to refer to your SOP index to answer this question. CROMS automatically creates this SOP index, checks which SOPs need to be updated, and sends corresponding alerts via e-mail if any SOPs are about to expire.

Example 2: Allocation of monitors

CROMS allows you to track and understand the current workload and experience of your monitors. When your monitors enter their current working hours into the corresponding CROMS form, CROMS creates automatic reports that allow you to compare expected and actual workload. Tracking the experience of your monitors also assists you to better allocate them to a certain project.

No installation required

CROMS runs as a web application on most modern web browsers as well as on older web browsers. CROMS is provided as a service and does not require investments in hardware or time-consuming client installations.