Building smart software for your study

Our web-based applications are designed to specifically meet needs of clinical research. They are built on top of many years of experience in this field. Our tools cover major activities such as feasibility, project management, electronic trial master file (eTMF), randomization, electronic data capture (EDC) as well as quality risk management. In addition we provide CROs with specialized tools to efficiently manage their own processes.

Perfomance. Compliance. Quality.

Our tools help ensuring performance, compliance and quality. But it is also our self-commitment. Our main products are:


QCTMS – Quality-controlled trial management system – is a highly flexible framework that supports all relevant activities of clinical trials, e.g. planning, start-up, monitoring, and administration.


CROMS is a web-based tool for small and medium-sized CROs. It comprises document management as well as tailored tools to track and improve performance, compliance, and quality.


Pi-Select is a web-based tool that streamlines the feasibility process. Contact management , invitations and appealing questionnaires let you conduct feasibilities easier and at a lower price.